Virtual Pedodontics Library

Sandra Kalil Bussadori, Patricia Eberson da Silva, Antonio Carlos Guedes-Pinto


In this research, a CD-ROM on pediatric dentistry was developed, culminating in the first volume of the Pedodontics Virtual Library. Once the CDROM was ready, a questionnaire was applied to 30 interviewees, comprising professors, undergraduate and graduate students, in order to evaluate teaching and learning methods. The questions about the CD-ROM concerned the format of the program, the clarity of the presented techniques, the ease of use and the value of the CD-ROM as a didactic method. The questionnaire assessed personal characteristics of the interviewees as well. The answers were descriptively analyzed by means of tables of frequency and Fisher’s exact test. After the results were evaluated, it was possible to conclude that the most utilized didactic methods in class were slides and blackboards, while the utilization of CD-ROM was uncommon, for both teachers and students. Most of the interviewees utilize the Internet, and very few have experienced distance education. The program is very clear as to the presented techniques and their indications. The subjects considered the CD-ROM a good didactic method and showed interest in learning how to use it. It is possible to conclude that the CD-ROM interested the interviewees, who found it useful as a teaching and learning method.

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