A qualitative study on the administration and management competencies in a Brazilian dental school

Aline Cláudia Ribeiro Medeiros, Mitsue Fujimaki, Dayla Thyeme Higashi, Maria Celeste Morita, Talissa Mayer Garrido, Raquel Sano Suga Terada


This qualitative study evaluated the acquisition of administration and management (A&M) competencies during graduation in a Brazilian dental school. Interviews were held with 13 dentists, whose opinions were examined with thematic content analysis. The perception about the acquisition of the competencies necessary to perform their jobs occurred when they were in the daily practice after graduation. Respondents reported being insufficiently trained, resulting in a series of difficulties to manage their daily professional activities after leaving dental school, particularly regarding financial issues. Different strategies are required and more effort needs to be placed on the development of A&M competencies to better prepare recently graduated dentists to enter the work market.


Education, Dental. Professional Competence. Disease Management. Practice Management, Dental. Health Services Administration.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30979/rev.abeno.v15i4.260


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